Meet the Team

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Dee Waddup

Jordan Moritz

Dee is the founder, manager and head poop picker of Dee’s Dogz. While Dee’s original career path in animals specialised in horses, after gaining her BA(Hons) in Equine Management she decided to try a whole host of other ventures before coming full circle back into the animal world.

Dee loves all dogs of all sizes and has the privilege of being able to meet and care for the many different breeds that attend day care every day. Her mission is to create an enriching day care environment to support the needs and welfare of every dog because happy dogs make happy owners.

In 2015 Dee joined a company as a dog walker / day care operator which gave her valuable experience managing groups of dogs and learning about their social interactions and body language. In 2017 she started work at Dogs Country Club as a Day Care Assistant but was soon promoted to Day Care Manager.

Over the past few years Dee has grown her skill set and knowledge of all things dog gaining recognised qualifications from various awarding bodies to continue in her professional development.

June 2018 Jane Arden’s Controlling Crazy Canines Workshop

July 2018 Canine First Aid  & CPR Certification with Rachel Bean

August 2018 NOCN Level 3 The Practical Application of Teaching People and Training Dogs; Approved Dog Training Instructor (ADTI)

December 2018 Sarah Fisher’s Think Dog Certificate

February 2019 UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Level: Qualified Instructor

July 2019 International Canine Behaviourists webinar with Craig Ogilvie: Communicating with your stimulated dog

August 2019 Interactive Play and Impulse Control workshop with Craig Ogilvie

September 2019 UK Sniffer Dogs Silver Level: Qualified Instructor

October 2019 Scent Imprint for Dogs Level 2 Accreditation

October 2019 Trick Trainer UK Course: Qualified Instructor

Dee has two super duper dogs; Buzz a Husky cross Malamute who she rescued as a two year old and Ursa a German Shepherd who didn’t quite make the grade as a Guide Dog for the Blind.


Jordan is our Day Care Supervisor here at Dee's Dogz. Previously she worked at Dogs Country Club so knows the facilities and regular doggy day care attendees like the back of her hand. When she's not at work, she is training to be a dog trainer, and that learning is transferred into providing additional enrichment for your furry family members while they visit.

Jordan has worked with some high profile dog trainers including Jo Hill, Corinne Wrend and Craig Ogilvie.

In February this year Jordan became a Canine Hoopers World Instructor.

Jordan has three dogs; Wyatt and Lilith are both Belgian Shepherd crosses and enjoy the sport of mantrailing and Tucker the beagle is a dab hand at tricks.